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Local and Sustainable Food

The Problem: Industrial agriculture produces food of uncertain quality and harms local ecosystems, while consumption of non-local food imposes high transport impacts

Why Buy Local Food?

  • Fresher and healthier Fruit and vegetables which have been transported huge distances have fewer vitamins, and more energy or chemicals will have to be used to keep them fresh.
  • Your money goes straight to local producers helping to strengthen the local economy
  • Understand your food know how it has been produced and enjoy a sense of community discussing the produce with farmers. A much more enjoyable shopping experience!
  • A sense of the seasons Working with instead of against nature, buying food in season makes sense and helps keep our traditional recipes and food culture alive.
  • Benefit the environment Local food hasn't travelled so far. Notching up "food miles" increases the freight on our roads and contributes to pollution and global warming.

What foods are in season at the moment?

Local Food In and Around Ipswich

Local food retailers (map)

Local food producers (map)

Eating out places (map)

Click on any marker on the maps for more details of that supplier. Scroll down below the map for an alphabetical list of suppliers - clicking on the text in the list will take you to that marker on the map.

The maps have been compiled by the "30-mile Food Challenge" team. If you have any comments on the maps (e.g. additional suppliers, problems with suppliers), please visit the corresponding pages on their website - click on "Retailers", "Producers" or "Eating out" in the black bar at the top of the page.

Grow your own

Organic Gardening

People's Community Garden

Allotments in Ipswich



Ipswich Ripple Food Coop - Cheap, healthy, organic wholefood

The Food Coop is open once a fortnight on a Saturday (10am - 2pm), at 19 Tower Street [Map] - for opening dates see What's On or the Food Coop website. It buys in bulk from wholesalers (the main one is Suma Wholefoods, an established workers' cooperative) and adds just a small margin to cover running costs, so it's very good value. The emphasis is on organic food, local produce and Fairtrade.

Ipswich Food Coop website

Poppy's PantryPoppy's Pantry

Poppy's Pantry is a local and wholefood shop (vegetarian). The shop is situated on a small industrial estate in Melton [Map] with parking right outside the front door.

If you can not find what your looking for they will try to get it in the next time they order. Poppy’s Pantry is an emerging enterprise aiming to create work opportunities and activities, as well as work-based employment training for people with learning disabilities.

Poppy's Pantry website

Eating Out

The Museum Street CafeThe Museum Street Cafe

The Museum Street Cafe serves great vegetarian food - see Map for location. It's open 8.30am til 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

They produce interesting food that shouldn't put non-vegetarians off, and serve it canteen style, so that busy people who work locally and who have a limited lunch time can nip in, see the food, choose it and be eating it within a couple of minutes. For those who prefer more leisurely refreshment, a backgammon set and a Scrabble set are available.

The menu changes each day, but you can view an example menu. Drinks available include teas, coffees and soft drinks, and they do luscious cakes. All the fresh food is prepared on the premises.

Much of the veg comes from a farm in Newbourne or the organic gardens of Bawdsey Manor. Dry goods and many drinks are supplied by Suma Wholefoods. The apple juice comes from High House Farm in Sudbourne, near Orford.

3 Museum Street, Ipswich. IP1 1HQ. Telephone 01473 232393.
Museum Street Cafe facebook page