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Where can you buy products to help you reduce your impact on the planet or that have been produced in an environmentally-sensitive way?

One option - Reuse

Why not buy second-hand? Gumtree has local classified ads.

Ipswich Recycle allows you to find things that people no longer need and would otherwise throw away. This is a great way of keeping things out of landfill.
Note: Ipswich Recycle was previously known as Ipswich Freecycle.

Local Retailers:

Where does it come from?
Ethical kids clothes

We produce children's clothes which are gorgeous, comfortable and practical - plus each garment comes with a story so that you can discover exactly where it came from and get to know the people involved in making it.

Wikaniko (we-can-eco)
Organic Makeup, Baby & Child, Body and Skin Care, Hair Care, Dental Care, Mens Toiletries, Health & Wellbeing, Magnotherapy, Bathroom, Laundry, Cleaning, Kitchen, Bags, Garden, Pets & Livestock, Cards & Stationery, Gadgets, Batteries

The UK's No 1 Eco Friendly Business - We love what we're doing and we love why we're doing it!

To order from a range of over 750 eco friendly household products visit or call Sue, your local distributor Tel. 07730 971186.

Ask about the business opportunity.

My Greener Home - online mail order (based near Sudbury)
Water butts, compost bins, energy meters, energy-saving appliances, wind-up torches, solar-powered equipment, recycling at home, water-saving products and lots more!

Also has guides on choosing and using these products, reducing waste, saving energy, saving water, saving money, etc.

For food shops, see Food

Note: When making purchases, remember that energy will have been used in producing the item and in transporting it to you, resulting in CO2 emissions (unless the energy comes from a renewable source such as wind or solar). Non-renewable raw materials may also have been used in producing the item. There's no point in buying a product to save 1kg CO2 if 10kg CO2 was emitted in it's manufacture and transportation!! It's often difficult to tell how much CO2 was emitted in a product's manufacture and transportation, however The Carbon Trust are working with companies to introduce a standard labelling scheme. For example, Tesco have started labelling potatoes, orange juice, washing detergent, light bulbs and milk; Continental Clothing are labelling their clothes.